• Avishkar Govender
  • eThekwini Online (Pty) Ltd
  • CIPC Reg. No. 2021/372517/07
  • 083 799 7016 (Telephone)
  • 083 603 3580 (WhatsApp)

eThekwini Online is a digital resource for governance in the City of Durban, specifically in the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. eThekwini Online maintains a database of relevant political parties, in terms of the most recent election results, and provides low-cost basic websites for client political parties which do not have their own online presence. eThekwini Online engages in political fundraising and also designs and manages political campaigns for client political parties. eThekwini Online provides training for client political parties in campaigning and communications as well as consulting services in respect of organisational planning and operational management.

eThekwini Online is building a learning management system that will enable the virtual provision of training in politics and the art of politicianry. Ideological training will span: Conservatism, Socialism, Nationalism, Communism, Workerism, Theologicism and Liberalism. Functional training will include: Communications, Structural Logic, Campaigning, Fundraising, Caucusing, Negotiating, Realpolitik and Recruitment. Operational training will focus on: Effective Public Service Delivery, Meaningful Citizen Satisfaction Indexing, Planning Budgeting Negotiating and Implementing and Public Political Relations Management.

eThekwini Online is creating an internship program for political science, philosophy, economics, legal studies, business management, marketing and finance graduates, whom demonstrate a sustained interest in the future welfare of the City of Durban and the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. This internship will expose these young graduates to complex problem solving techniques and first rate work experience. Interns will be required to work closely with client political parties and will be required to project election results for client political parties based on their work. Interns that score well in evaluation and on election results will be offered fulltime employment at eThekwini Online and with seniority of service, successful employees will be offered partnership and directorship opportunities.