Nicole Graham

No judgements about which end of Durban made
This young lass to lead the cause for change
Some say that you must be bold, brave and wise
To beat the skelms who dodge, steal and tell lies
And it’s true that this Grosvenor Girl’s got fire
In taking apart the City’s corruption and liars
We won’t dwell on where she’s been sown and trained
As all Durban’s been behind her this last decade
We see some shifts, some moves to the forefront
With her climbing the ranks in the DA’s hunt
Challenging the bigdogs for DA leadership in KZN
Making her mark that promotion will yet come to Graham
On the score of the City of Durban we heard her clear
The Fifty Billion Rand budget was cause for some fear
That the other side would condone the misdirection
Of surplus fatty shavings and project costing sections
We all know the game, no-one will laugh at it
When you quote, you quote to make a good profit
Plus too its council so the Durban Salute is in
So those ou’s chooned it’s Fifty Billion to win
I’m not a Turf Club regular by any means or stride
But my money’s not on the ANC keeping it all inside
Those ones have bills and counter hits to cool off
So they steal with City contractors and stay on top
But this stekkie Nicole, she organised the might
She tore the ANC Councillors from left to right
Wysing them details where the budget was fucked
She dala’d them like lighties trying their luck
So we see even as the Opposition in City Council
This Graham did good work last term to wrestle
The ANC into a position where they were stressing
Remember the drama with Zandile Gumede and DSW
Literally rubbish money stealing and what have you
Graham led the media and the people to demand
That Gumede step down and answer for the crown
Fifty Million in one scandal with DSW nonsense
Hayibo! That’s how the ANC operates its conscience
Without the pressure from the DA and Nicole Graham
The ANC would have kept Gumede in office all the way
It’s so bad they redeployed her to the KZN Legislature
Without Graham and the DA they would have made Gumede
An MEC with her own budget to operate right away
So good work and righteous actions from Nicole for us
She stood up to the corruption and fought for justice
As we look now to the next five years ahead of Durban
As Leader of the Official Opposition in City Council
Yes we want the Mayor and Council to be held to account
Yes we want proper public service delivery for every one
Yes we need and deserve peace and prosperity throughout
Yes we take responsibility for our City and say nought
For the skelms and the tenderised wallah-wallahs
We say nought for the corruption and the scammy-fallahs
We take pride in knowing that the DA will fight
We stand firm with Nicole and say God will aright
This ship that is Durban that has gone very astray
Not to worry though Graham will show us the right way
We know it will be difficult and not easy to float
But the fact is Nicole Graham only lost the Mayorship
To the ANC’s Kaunda by a paltry eight votes!