Mxolisi Kaunda

A Durban boy of correct reckoning it’s true for sure
From Inanda and we can only assume from John Dube’s lore
Making Intshisekelo very proud nevermind the COSAS duty
Downplaying the activism now that he’s got blue light security
Who is this bigman from Durban that now leads us
He’s no rookie by any means of considering trust
Been with City Council since Obed started eThekwini
Mxolisi learnt the hustle of the markets and machenes
Then in 2009 Kaunda went up to ‘Maritzburg as an MPL
He was in charge of the transport committee as well
That’s a lot of heat for a young man from Inanda
The transport industry of KZN is rather a wonder
From the roads and rails to the airports and harbours
What about the buses, trains and our dear taxi mafias
So he got a very different education in ‘Maritzburg
And then in 2016 Mxolisi gets the nod from the shepherds
As MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison
Now officially the most hunted man in the province
He had to negotiate, operate and stay ahead of the game
Sihle became Premier and Kaunda stayed in office
So at least we know that Mxolisi kept his promise
But the DSW Gumede scandal happened and Zandile got fired
Guess who they lined up for the Mayoral chain on this side
None other than Mxolisi Kaunda he’s been Mayor since 2019
Apart from the fact that the ANC is in dire crisis
Apart from the fact that the City Council lies to us
Mayor Kaunda has held it together and kept us afloat
But now we see the people rejected the ANC outright
Sihle and company had to manoeuvre to keep it right
So Mxolisi is our mayor again, His Worship for another five
But his bloc only won their votes by a meagre nine
Still Kaunda is mayor and we look forward all among us
Because we know Mxolisi Kaunda’s real name is Thomas!